Management Team

Janet Huffman

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Huffman served as Chief Financial Officer for TRxADE HEALTH, Inc., a Nasdaq-listed company focused on health services IT for retail pharmacies. In 2019, Ms. Huffman was a founding member of Banyan Pediatric Care Centers and served as its Chief Financial Officer. After leading Banyan’s merger with Assisted 4 Living, Inc., an OTC-listed company later renamed Arboreta Healthcare Inc. and a provider of skilled nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living services, she continued as Chief Financial Officer until February 2022. Prior to Arboreta Healthcare, Ms. Huffman was the Chief Financial Officer for Signature HomeNow, a home healthcare services company. Earlier in her career, she served as Director of Finance and Regional Director of Operations for Infinity Homecare and was Vice President of Finance for Family Home Health Services.

Ms. Huffman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s degree in accounting, both from the University of South Florida.

J. Michael Redmond

President & Interim Principal Executive Officer

Mr. Redmond has over 35 years commercial experience in biotech and medical device companies. Mr. Redmond held various sales and marketing positions at Abbott Laboratories, a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company. Mr. Redmond then went on to become the Director of Marketing and Business Development at KMC Systems Inc., now a leading private label developer and manufacturer of medical devices and instrumentation. Mr. Redmond helped grow the company from early stage to over $50M in revenue. KMC was sold to Elbit systems. Mr. Redmond then joined Bioject Inc as its VP of Sales and Marketing. Bioject was a medical device company specializing in unique drug delivery technologies. Mr. Redmond helped raise capital, entered into several licensing and distribution deals with major biotech and pharmaceutical companies growing the market cap of the company from under $10M to over $400M. Mr. Redmond most recently was CEO of Odyssey Health, Inc. since 2018.

Christine M. Farrell

Vice President of Finance

Christine M. Farrell joined Odyssey in April 2019 as a financial consultant serving as our Controller and Secretary and became Chief Financial Officer and Secretary in January 2021. From February 1997 to 2014, Ms. Farrell was Vice President of Finance for Bioject Medical Technologies Inc., a medical device company specializing in unique drug delivery technologies. Prior to joining Bioject, Ms. Farrell held accounting and financial management positions with Spar-Tek Industries, a manufacturer of high quality and cutting-edge technology for the plywood industry, and Action Machinery, a seller of new and used robotic machine tools and equipment. Ms. Farrell holds a B.A. degree in Accounting from the University of Washington and an M.B.A. from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.